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Smokey Robinson by Richard E. Aaron

Limited Edition of: 10000

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In Richard's words: "I was working for a video production company who hired me to shoot production shots. It was a three day shoot and most of the groups I'd shot so far were new just-signed artists. The first AD called lunch and I went out into the parking lot to relax when in the distance I hear a great-sounding automobile coming toward the house where we were shooting. As the car got closer I reached for a my camera with a long lens to see who was driving. Through the lens I saw someone who's music I loved. It was Smokey Robinson. He stopped the car where I was sitting and asked me if this was the right place. I said yes but I was hired to sit here and shoot any one who showed up late -- of course I was kidding. He laughed and thought what I'd said was very funny and said that he liked my sense of humor. He asked me if my photos were as good as my humor, 'yes,' I said and introduced myself. 'To start off lets get some shots of you in that great-looking Cobra.' He was very open to posing and very friendly."