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Mick Fleetwood & Stevie Nicks by Richard E. Aaron

Limited Edition of: 1000

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In Richard's words: "I have been shooting Fleetwood Mac concerts since the early 70's, before they became a super group. This is a band where each member has their own extremely individual personality. Since I was the New York photographer for Warner Records, every time Fleetwood Mac would come to town, I would be the shooter. I had photos printed in their tour programs and in magazines. I got even closer to the group in 1981 when I covered Mick Fleetwood's trip to Ghana West Africa. I was hired by RCA Records and Rolling Stone Magazine to photograph Mick's first solo album recording. For me this also turned into a album jacket shoot, "Fleetwood the Visitor." After that, Mick and I became good friends, and we became even closer once I moved to Los Angeles. This shot is from a charity show called the 10K Rock and Run held at UCLA in 1983. Musicians would run for charity and after the event Fleetwood Mac played a free concert. I was on stage when I got this shot of Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood; the song was Stevie's signature "Rhiannon." She was at center stage singing and proceeded to walk over to Mick and for only a moment leaned against him. I saw it coming, positioned myself to Mick's left side and waited for Stevie to walk to him. She did, and I clicked."