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Jerry Garcia by Richard E. Aaron

Limited Edition of: 9999

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In Richard's words: "My best-selling photograph of all time, used in more magazines than any other. Shot in Central Park on assignment for Time magazine. Mid-afternoon, very sunny out, and no strobe for fill flash. Even worse, I had high speed B&W film, but I did have Kodachrome for my color shots. I had one prop for the shoot which was stored in a paper bag. I was in a panic about the sun (too much!), which gave him heavy face shadows with dark eye's. Jerry brought his tour manager with him who, I think, might have done some photography because throughout the shoot all I could hear him say is that none of the photos will come out because of the shadows on his face. He didn't realize I was shooting Jerry with either the sun at his back or behind a tree. We walked to a children's playground area and sat Jerry on a set of swings and pulled out of my paper bag a Raggedy Ann doll, placed it on Jerry's lap and started to shoot. The tour manager turned to me, smiled and said "good idea." I was looking for a good background and found a giant elm. Jerry was wearing his glasses and I was getting heavy reflections, so I had him push the glasses to the edge of his nose and peer over the rims while holding the frames."