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Elton John by Richard E. Aaron

Limited Edition of: 10000

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In Richard's words: "Elton has endured as an artist because of his innate talent and because he has an uncanny knack for changing with the times. In the early 70's, he was the poet-singer-songwriter. In the excessive early 80's, he was Mr.Glam. Today, he's come full circle and has the respect of his fans. I have had the fortune to photograph his concerts throughout the years. This photo was taken in Los Angeles when he already had left his Glitter Years behind and was becoming more serious about his music again. He and his audience had grown up. When Elton sings his up-tempo songs, it's nearly impossible to get a decent expression shot, because he tends to distort his face. During his ballads, the true nature of the artist comes out. The song he was singing at the time was 'Candle in the Wind.'"